Janzen's Travel Health & Vaccinations


Booking online is the fastest way to schedule an appointment for a travel consultation, TB Skin Test or Driver Medical Examination.

  • If you are unable to book online, you may call 807 345 1191 x 4 or email travelhealth@janzens.ca to request a call back from the Clinic Coordinator to schedule an appointment.  

  • Please note that calls are returned once daily after the conclusion of the scheduled clinic during clinic days.  Generally calls will be returned within 2 business days.

  • Please note that we will need to take a credit card number over the phone to book the appointment.  We can also send a payment link to a Canadian cell phone service by SMS which can be paid by VISA debit, debit Mastercard, and Credit Card.

  • We will not leave appointment times or dates on a voicemail as travel clinic appointments, TB skin tests and Driver's Medical examinations are services that must be pre-paid. 

Important Notices:

  • Yellow Fever vaccine is on allocation.  Limited quantities are available and will not be held.

  • Adult Hepatitis A vaccine is on shortage.  If an adult dose of vaccine is not available we will substitute 2 doses of pediatric hepatitis A vaccines (2 x Havrix 720 in place of Havrix 1440)

  • You may be required to return to clinic for administration of vaccines that are considered special order or in short supply.

    • In the event that you must return for administration of special order vaccines you are not required to pay additional visit fees.

  • You may be required to pre-pay for certain vaccines prior to pharmacy ordering.

Yellow Fever Vaccine

  • Due to a rapid expiry date, Yellow Fever vaccine will be brought in on a limited quantity basis as needed.  
  • The previous shortage has resolved
  • Yellow fever vaccine must be provided by a clinician who is designated under the Yellow Fever Vaccination Program to provide this vaccine. 
  • The yellow fever vaccination cannot be dispensed even with a prescription from a provider who is not designated by the YF-VP to do so.
  • You must present in person with your passport in order to receive this vaccine, when available, and to receive a copy of the Certification of Vaccination required for immigration purposes.

Prepare for take-off with Janzen's Travel Health Clinics!

Whether you're travelling for business or pleasure, our team offers complete pre-travel health advice and vaccinations specific to your needs and destination. 

  • We do not provide telemedicine consultations or recommendations at this time.
  • We do not provide medical recommendations over the phone
  • We do not provide consultations for multiple non-sequential trips.
  • Although we understand that some people may want to surprise family members with travel, it is an expected standard of practice that clients are fully informed of the risks and benefits of the vaccinations recommended along with the basis of those recommendations.  As such we cannot accommodate requests for prescribing or administering vaccinations or pre-travel medications without informing the client of the required information. 
  • We recommend visiting our centres (or any travel health clinic) a minimum of six weeks prior to travel.
  • Janzen's Travel Health and Vaccine Clinic will not administer vaccines or injections obtained at other providers or pharmacies.
  • We are able to hold additional doses of vaccines to be administered in the future, however it is the client's responsibility to ensure they present for any recommended follow up.

Costs of Service

  • Our standard consultation fee is $35.00 for individuals, and $85.00 for families of 3 or more from the same household (plus HST).
  • Vaccine and medication costs are separate to the consultation fee.  You are not obligated to obtain any vaccine or medication recommended by our providers. 
  • OHIP does not fund travel medicine or travel vaccination, and we cannot direct-bill insurance plans for the consultation fee, only prescribed medications/vaccinations. 
  • We will provide an invoice for the consultation fee to provide to your private health plan for reimbursement.
  • Ensure you bring your health / drug benefit information so we may attempt to put the vaccinations or medications through your benefit plan. 
  • Clients will receive pricing on vaccinations and medications prior to filling.
  • Clients are under no obligation to have recommended medications or vaccinations filled.
  • If a product is special order, payment may be required prior to ordering the vaccination or medication.
  • Prepayment fees for TB Skin Tests and Travel Health Consults can be fully refunded up to 24 hours prior to the appointment. 
  • We can reschedule TB Skin Tests and Travel Health Consult between 24 hours up to the time of an appointment at no additional cost by calling 807 345 1191 x4 during business hours
    • Please note that it may take up to 2 business days to return your call, but if you call prior to the appointment we will not require additional payment for the new appointment.
  • If you fail to cancel or reschedule your appointment prior to your visit time we do not offer refunds and will not reschedule that visit.

What to Bring to Your Visit?

  • Immunization Record
  • Extended Health Benefits Card / Drug Coverage Information
  • Passport
  • List of Current Medications

Tuberculin Skin Testing (TB Skin Tests)

  • The Travel Health & Vaccine Clinic will also perform non-medically necessary Tuberculin Skin Testing ('TB Skin Tests') for education or employment purposes at our clinics. 
  • The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) does not cover the cost of TB Skin Testing for employment
  • TB Skin tests must be read 48-72 hours after administration. 
  • TB Skin tests cannot be performed on Fridays preceding a holiday Monday
  • There is a $55.00 + HST fee for this service.
  • A two step TB Skin Test will be billed for each individual test at the time of injection.  
  • There is a separate charge for each TB Skin Test in a 2-step TB Skin Test.  
  • Effective Jan 30st, 2017 TB skin testing for the purposes of education is insured under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. However, as our clinic is not funded under OHIP; we will be continuing to charge for providing TB Skin Testing for students (as we are not using publicly funded Tubersol/TB Skin Test Serum).  Please note that in addition to being listed here, this is also identified in the consent form for TB skin testing that all clients must complete, and as such we will not provide refunds to clients who are unaware of this policy.  All students are encouraged to contact their primary care provider (family doctor, nurse practitioner or clinic) to determine if they are able to accommodate them for TB skin tests.

Telemedicine Consultations for Travel Health & Vaccination Clinic

  • Please note that at this time we do not provide over the phone or online travel medicine consultations for any reason.
  • Similar to how you cannot phone a walk-in clinic requesting a prescription for antibiotics for a cough, pre-travel consultations are individualized assessments to determine your risk of contracting possible life-threatening conditions on your trip. 
  • During consultations there may be discussions of your current health history; including medications, allergies, health conditions and other information, that may directly impact the safety of our clients. 
  • It is our responsibly to ensure that you make an informed decision regarding possible risks and benefits of any treatment, including vaccination.  
  • To ensure that costs are reasonable and to avoid financial barriers to receiving pre-travel preventative care, we have set our costs at or below the costs of the alternative local travel clinic.
  • Although the Travel Health & Vaccination Clinic is located within Janzen's Pharmacy; pharmacy staff cannot give medical recommendations over the phone.  

Travel Health Resources

Health Canada
Centre for Disease Control
European Center for Disease Control
Canadians Travelling Abroad Program
Shoreland Travax (Professional Vaccine Resources)
Reporting Vaccinations Received
Malaria Recommendations (Updated 30-03-2023)

Emailing the Travel Health & Vaccination Clinic (Click Here)

  • We will accept emails for general information, such as clinic hours or locations.
  • We cannot answer emails with medical information requests, such as recommendations for specific travel locations or the 'necessity' for vaccinations

Immunization Records

  • Parents and guardians are responsible for reporting vaccines administered to school aged children to their local medical officer of health.
  • In June 2018, the government canceled a new requirement for doctors and nurses to report vaccines to public health.
  • Ontario is working on a more integrated reporting approach for health care providers.
  • As there is not an integrated record in Ontario, the travel clinic will not be able to determine what vaccines you may have received outside of Janzen's Travel Clinic
  • You may wish to contact your family medical provider and the Thunder Bay District Health Unit to obtain copies of your previous records
  • If you are requesting records from our Travel Health & Vaccination Clinics please submit the Record Request Form via email, fax or at a Janzen's Pharmacy location.
    • Please note that records may take up to 30 days to be available
    • We will not provide information over the phone
    • Requests must be fully complete and legible to be actioned

Routine Publicly Funded Vaccinations

  • Please note that the Janzen's Travel Health and Vaccination Clinic is not funded under OHIP.  As such, if you are seeking publicly funded routine vaccinations please speak to your primary care provider or contact the Thunder Bay District Health Unit
  • Most walk-in clinics in Thunder Bay do not provide routine pediatric vaccinations.
  • As we are a travel clinic you will be billed to see the Nurse Practitioner, regardless of if it is determined that you do not require travel specific immunizations and only require routine publicly funded vaccines.  We do not charge for the vaccines, but the service fee is for the visit with the Practitioner.