Long-Term Care

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Assisted-living and Long-term Care Facilities

Janzen's Pharmacy provides services to more than 800 facility beds and over 500 assisted living clients in Thunder Bay and surrounding regions. Whether a facility has three patients or three hundred, our goal is the same: to develop and maintain a safe and efficient drug-delivery system and provide exceptional pharmacy service. We continue to seek innovative opportunities in knowledge and technology to enhance resident care and client satisfaction.

We offer facilities a variety of drug-delivery system, as well as training and all startup materials and equipment. We also help facilities convert from old to new systems. As an additional pharmacy service, we also provide access to a 24-hour, on-call pharmacist to all homes. We believe that it is our responsibility as a pharmacy provider to ensure that the facilities we serve meet and surpass their Standards of Accreditation.


Certified geriatric pharmacist

Cheryl Ready's practice is dedicated solely to the residents who live in the long-term care facilities we service. She regularly reviews each resident's medication regime, taking into account adverse drug reactions, unnecessary or inappropriate drugs, and other issues. Cheryl is available to meet with patients, their families, physicians and nursing staff to discuss any concerns.