INR Program

Anticoagulation Program (INR / Warfarin Management)

For people who have been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrilation ('irregular heartbeat'), have a clotting disorder, or whom have had a valve replacement; monitoring your international normalized ratio (INR) is an essential part of your overall health.  Fortunately, as your professional pharmacy we offer easy access to management services.

Since 2013 our Nurse Practitioner urgent care has been providing international normalized ratio (INR) management services for our clients.  This year, we have expanded this service to be offered at all of our pharmacy locations.  Our Nurse Practitioners are able to follow your INR and adjust your warfarin dose through a collaborative partnership with our professional pharmacy staff.  This service continues to be offered at no cost to our Janzen's patients; and part of the exclusive services available just by being a regular client of Janzen's Pharmacy.  Our Nurse Practitioners and Pharmacists are able to perform home visits for our patients who are unable to access our pharmacy locations.

On each visit; your regular patient care provider (such as your family doctor or nurse practitioner) is sent a notice of your results; and any changes to your medications.

This service is limited to regular active patients of Janzen's who use our pharmacy on a continuous basis.  Please contact our staff at our Bay Street location for an appointment (807 345 1191).