Janzen's Travel Health & Vaccinations

Travel Health & Vaccine Services Available:

          Monday             Janzen's Westfort Village     4pm - 8pm

          Tuesday            Janzen's Lillie Street             10am - 12pm

          Thursday          Janzen's Westfort Village      3pm - 6pm

          Friday                Janzen's Northwood Park     3pm - 6pm

Please note that TB Skin Tests cannot be performed on Thursdays or the Friday preceeding a holiday Monday.  Closed holidays

Please note that we cannot provide medical recommendations over the phone for any reason. 
We also cannot provide more information regarding vaccine availability than what is contained below under Important Notices


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Important Notices (Updated 01-30-2019 13:01pm):

  • Twinrix is available in limited quantities on a first-come, first-served bases through the clinic. 
  • Twinrix Junior is available in limited quantities on a first-come, first-served bases through the clinic. 
  • Shingrix available in limited quantities on a first-come, first-served bases through the clinic.

There are currently massive worldwide shortages in multiple vaccine products:

  • ALL Rabies vaccine products are unavailable
  • Other shortages may periodically occur.  Unfortunately, many of these products have limited suppliers and may not be available from alternative sources.

Please note that the Thunder Bay District Health Unit Travel Vaccine Program also has severe shortages.  

 Yellow Fever Vaccine - No vaccine remaining:

  • This represents our total Quarter 1 2019 allocation.  We will receive no more Yellow Fever Vaccine for Janruary-March 2019, with next expected allocation being April 2019.
  • Please note that Yellow Fever Vaccine is in a shortage situation, which has severely reduced public supply.  Sanofi Pasteur (the sole North American manufacturer) has not identified when regular supply will resume; and the shortage may persist though 2019
  • Yellow fever vaccine must be provided by a clinician who is designated under the Yellow Fever Vaccination Program to provide this vaccine.  The yellow fever vaccination cannot be dispensed even with a prescription from a provider who is not designated by the YFVP to do so.  You must present in person with your passport in order to receive this vaccine, when available, and to receive a copy of the Certification of Vaccination required for immigation purposes.


Prepare for take-off with Janzen’s Travel Health Clinics!


Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, our team offers complete pre-travel health advice and vaccinations specific to your needs and destination. 

Appointments are walk-in only, and are first come / first served.  We recommend visiting our centres (or any travel health clinic) a minimum of six weeks prior to travel.

Ensure you bring your health / drug benefit information so we may attempt to put the vaccinations or medications through your benefit plan. OHIP does not fund travel medicine or travel vaccination. 

Our standard consultation fee is $30.00 for individuals, and $60.00 for families of 3 or more (plus HST).  Clients will receive pricing on vaccinations and medications prior to filling. Clients are under no obligation to have those medications filled once a price is obtained.

Janzen's Travel Health and Vaccine Clinics cannot administer vaccines or injections obtained at other providers or pharmacies due to concerns of appropriate storage and handling.  We are able to hold additional doses of vaccines to be administered in the future, however it is the client's responsibility to ensure they present for any recommended follow up.

We also recommend bringing your passport to your appointment in case you require proof of vaccination for immigration or to obtain travel visa documents (this primarily applies to many Middle Eastern or Yellow-Fever Vaccine requiring countries).

Tuberculin Skin Testing (TB Skin Tests)

The Travel Health & Vaccine Clinic will also perform non-medically necessary Tuberculin Skin Testing ('TB Skin Tests') for education or employment purposes at our clinics. The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) does not cover the cost of TB Skin Testing for education, employment or seniors assisted living home placement.  

Effective Jan 30st, 2017 TB skin testing for the purposes of education is insured under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. However, as our clinic is not funded under OHIP; we will be continuing to charge for providing TB Skin Testing for students.  Please note that in addition to being listed here, this is also identified in the consent form for TB skin testing that all clients must complete, and as such we will not provide refunds to clients who are unaware of this policy.  All students are encouraged to contact their primary care provider (family doctor, nurse practitioner or clinic) to determine if they are able to accomodate them for TB skin tests.  We are awaiting word from our local public health unit if we can receive publicly funded TB serum; at which time we may revisit this policy.

Please note that we are unable to administer TB Skin Tests at the clinics on Thursdays or also Fridays preceeding a holiday Monday.

There is a $50.00 + HST fee for this service. A two step TB Skin Test will be billed for each individual test at the time of injection.  TB Skin tests must be read 48-72 hours after administration.  There is a separate charge for each TB Skin Test in a 2-step TB Skin Test.  

Travel Health Resources

Health Canada

Centre for Disease Control

European Center for Disease Control

Please note that questions regarding travel health and vaccinations should be directed to a trained healthcare provider.  Please note that the general pharmacy staff will not answer specific questions about travel health and vaccinations.