COVID-19 Testing for Travel

COVID-19 Testing

Following the presentation of clients who have symptoms correlated with COVID-19 for testing we would like to remind those wanting to book COVID testing appointments that Janzen's Pharmacy / Vector Health Labs performs testing on asymptomatic individuals only with no known contact of a positive case and no recent (14 days) positive test.  As per our posted signage we ask clients who are symptomatic or known contacts to refrain from entering our locations.

In the event that an individual presents for testing with symptoms which could be possibly correlated to COVID-19 we will advise you to contact the local COVID-19 Assessment Center.  We will not perform testing on symptomatic individuals and it will be your responsibility to cancel your appointment.

There will be no further exceptions as we must ensure the safety of both our staff and other clients.  

As per our direction on the previous page please ensure that you are aware of the entry and travel requirements for your specific destinations.  We cannot provide specific direction regarding your destination.