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COVID-19 Vaccination


Update: July 28, 2021

Due to a dramatic reduction in appointment requests along with the local walk-in vaccine availability at the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition clinic, Janzen's is no longer taking further appointments for COVID vaccine due to the risk of further vaccine loss do to no-shows and lack of clients.  We will begin offering walk-in vaccination hours at select pharmacy locations which will be listed below.

If you are home-bound and require vaccination please contact the Thunder Bay District Health Unit.

At this time we encourage all individuals aged 12 and over to obtain their COVID-19 vaccine wherever and whenever possible.

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As of June 28th all adults will be eligible for their second COVID-19 vaccination provided they have waited the minimum recommended interval since their previous dose

The authorized interval for Pfizer vaccine is 21 days between doses

The authorized interval for Moderna vaccine is 28 days between doses 

Anyone aged 12 and over may receive their first or second dose

Unfortunately, Janzen's currently cannot provide vaccinations to those less than 18 years of age as we have only receive Moderna vaccine.

Immunization Receipts

If you have received an email receipt and it does not open, please do not contact the pharmacy locations. 

We issue a pharmacy receipt at the time of receiving the vaccine, and when your information is entered into the provincial record system it issues their certificate.

Receipts are sent from the COVAXon system, not directly from Janzen's.

If you did not provide your email when you initially registered, or did not give permission to contact you by email you may not receive a receipt

You can access your receipts at the Ontario Health COVID-19 Vaccination Website

Vaccine Dedicated Booking Line:

We are retiring our vaccination booking line effective immediately. 

The Provincial Vaccine Information Line is available to answer questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. Call 1-888-999-6488.

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